You built it, but they did not come. And now you are wondering if you should even continue putting out more content. The truth is, growing on any new platform takes the right strategy and being really intentional about growth. 




You feel like you have an amazing messge to share and people "should" be OBSESSED with your podcast, but they are not. 

You want your podcast to be a core place to grow and nurture your audience. 

You feel like it's not quite paying off the way you wanted and like you are not getting a return on your invest of time, energy, and money. 

You are out here just winging your content. You really don't have a clear content strategy for your podcast. 

You just want to grow your podcast numbers but it feels like pulling teeth, you aren't quite sure what else to do other than post about your podcast on your social media (which you hate).

A unique 3 day group intensive designed to help you get to the core of what is not working in your current strategy and get really clear about what you need to implement in order to get the results you've been wanting. 

Together we will dive into your existing analytics and content, I will teach you what you should be tracking and paying attention to and what you can ignore. We will dive into your existing content and see what is working and what you need to be focused on creating more of. 

By the end of this intensive you will walk away with a very clear understanding of what you need to do to drive more traffic to your podcast and how to have your podcast driving more clients and leads to you.

June 6th, 7th, 8th 12pm-2pm CST


You could actually see an increase in your downloads and listens on a consistent basis. 

You had a clear roadmap that you could follow to help you navigate all the noise out there. 

You felt like the content you are producing is actually paying off and people are listening and engaging. 

You actually knew what to do other posting audiograms across social media to drive real traffic to your pod.  

You never have to spam another fb group with your podcast link only to get crickets... ever again. 

Yes I Want This !

You launched your podcast but you are stuck at what to do to get it to grow.

You know you want your podcast to work for you to bring in new leads and cash into your business. 

You've never really put in the effort to grow on the platform and you aren't sure where to start.  

You want to learn from someone who has helped hundreds of people launch and grow successful podcasts. 



Analytics You Should Care About

What you should be looking at to gauge the "success" of your podcast. How to diagnose your current pod and identify what areas you should focus on. 

Traffic- Driving Strategies

Whether you are going all organic or want to incorporate paid ads, we will dive into the different ways to drive traffic to yoru podcast consistently.  

How To Create Converting Content For Your Podcast

Content is the most important piece to nail in your new podcast. I am going to teach you how to create content that will move your listeners to buyers AND so that you never run out of things to talk about. 

How To Optimize Your Podcast For Sales

Learn the core things you need to do to optimize your podcast to work as a marketing machine for your business and continuosly bring in new leads right from your podcast. 

A week prior to the intensive (May 30th)  you will get access to all of the pre recorded trainings and get access to the pop up facebook group. The expectation is to watch the videos BEFORE the intensive. You will also submit your podcast and your most burning questions in this time so I can review prior to the intensive and we can maximize our time together.

Day 1 we dive into what is NOT working. What analytics you should be tracking (we will pull up analytics during session) and we will pull together a solid goal for you based on what your needs are. We will also dive into show structure and content and make sure those are both aligned with your goals. 

Day 2 is ALL about traffic. The goal is simple: flesh out a traffic strategy that works FOR YOU. Together we will identify what combination of strategies are best suited for your business and your work style and then flesh out a strategy for you to implement. 

Optimizing your podcast for sales + integrating it into your overall marketing strategy. 

  • 3 Days of LIVE group intensive time w/ hot seat coaching and strategy - value $6000
  • Facebook/ IG ads for podcast traffic (pre-recorded training) -value $1497 
  •  Podcast SEO training (pre- recorded training) - value $997
  • Using Podcast Guesting To Grow Your Audience (pre-recorded training) - value $497

Total Value = $8999

Goes Down June 6th, 7th, 8th at 12pm-2pm CST. (all calls recorded and uploaded to member portal along with other trainings)

Join today for only $999







Stop putting your time and effort into a podcast that isn't producing the results you hoped for? 

Start using your podcast as an integrated marketing tool for your business that is constantly generating leads? 

Quit waiting for "time" to pass thinking your podcast will just magically grow and instead intententionally take the right action to get it poppin?