Ready To Stop Relying So Heavily On Social Media To Bring New Leads Into Your Business? 

 In this private podcast I am going to teach you how you can use podcasting as the core of your online marketing efforts so you can build a sustainable, scalable, evergreen marketing plan on a platform that you own. 

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We all know that social media can be the biggest time suck. And the burnout is REAL.

👉🏾 What if you could have a consistent stream of warm leads in your business that didn't require you always being on social media?
👉🏾What if you could reach people BEYOND the circle you've created on your FB or IG?
👉🏾What if your people intentionally stopped by to listen to what you had to say instead of always being distracted by the next shiny object on social media?
👉🏾What if you created content ONCE that lived on for months and years and attracted, nurtured, and sold to your leads on autopilot instead of disappearing when the algorithm ran out of steam for that content?
👉🏾What if you could actually measure your "results" aka leads and conversions from each piece of content and be able to take that data to create a consistent stream of leads into your business?
What if???? (that's a lot of what if's)
Well, this is why I created "Goodbye Social Media, Hello Podcast" the private podcast stream where I am going to share with you exactly how to do all of this.


And I am here to teach you how to use podcasting to grow your business and make all the sales. 

At my core I am a marketer and I love to help buisness owners think outside of the box to create a powerful presence on a platform they own- Podcasting. Yes, we are kissing social media goodbye, or at least our dependence on it to bring consistent leads into our business. There is a better way. And I will show you.

Think of me as your podcast launch bestie. I'll help you create a show that magnetizes your dream clients to you, brings your consistent leads, builds your credibility and authority in your industry, and one that you are so excited to show up for everyday.

We don't do podfades or podcast burnout over here. We focus on creating a sustainable, smart, fun show that you can turn into the anchor for all of your online marketing efforts. Ready? 

Here's What We Will Be Covering In Goodbye Social Media, Hello Podcast 

DAY 1: Why social media is not the best place to build a sustainable and scalable marketing and sales funnel for your business 

DAY 2: The mistakes to avoid when it comes to marketing on your podcast. In this episode I will dive into why most people struggle to actual sell from thier podcast and many never see a return on their investment of their time and money. 

DAY 3: How to make your podcast the flagship marketing platform for your business. 



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